Friday, September 15, 2006

“I want to feel serene”, she said. “I don't want the turmoil anymore”.

Feeling better
Concentrating on the positives
Not comparing myself to others
Mindful thinking. Mindful living. It’s more than just yoga you know
Acknowledging my own flaws, fears and thoughts and simply living with them
They’re not so humungous after all
Acknowledging that my dream lover is one that can be turned on and off at will
Facing the person I think I should be, as opposed to the person I actually am
Accepting the reality … of myself … calling a halt to the battle
Pretending takes a lot of effort. Fake it ‘til you make it is dangerous business. Spend too long pretending and there will always be repercussions – such a sinister word hey?

Today’s insight: I am the tennis umpire, always watching myself on court, critiquing and criticising. Get off the high chair. Just freakin play!

Today’s hero: Andre Agassi


Blogger shemovesinmysteriousways said...

Hi Gorgeous. I love this piece. I've printed it and put it in my journal to read often. It's a great way to live and a beautiful piece of writing.

PS: Thanks for today. It was fun riding on the train with you & thanks for playing 'Mrs Music'. Liam loves your gift - Lion King is a favourite & the music book looks lovely.

Love Andy

6:27 pm  

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