Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Which hat today?

Hmmm, an interesting time is upon me. I make my living from writing and the words I spit out are little workers in their own right. Some of them wear business suits and carry brief cases and have to trudge off to places where they are required to sell and convince and bear news. Others like to slip on a cardie, they have a cuppa in hand and they gossip over the neighbour's fence or whisper in the reader's ear like a good friend who wants to swap news on shared hobbies and interests. Others are adventurous, complete with pith helmets and maps. They like to dress up and they try anything. Currently they're being asked to try and capture the hearts of kids, to bring little animated critters to life and to keep wandering minds entertained.

Of course others had to flit over to Paris to take a peep at a man who hangs couture fashion on butcher's hooks, there's still a few in the city looking for a parking spot and a quick latte, others are meant to be in America introducing themselves to creative folk. That lot seem to have got lost at the airport. SOS to them!

To get the words into their right camps, I have to put on different hats. At times my hat stand has only had a few items on it; lately it's looking like it might tip over. There's a beanie, a reporter's cap, a clown's cone and I'm sure I saw a miner's helmet, complete with flashlight, hidden somewhere beneath the layers.

Today's hats are lined up in front of me. The flashlight beckons first but there's a trilby that definitely needs popping on at some point. Then there's the clown's cone, I must get that one fitted properly. Excuse me while I go and try them on.


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