Saturday, June 17, 2006

Our Winter Solstice dinner

Image: The Goddess Freya turns cold, cruel Winter to abundant Spring

Tonight we celebrate the Solstice. Husband is working hard in the kitchen. The Contessa 'titivates' - cutting fresh flowers and printing a menu ...

Welcome to our Winter Solstice Dinner - 17 June 2006
Southern Hemisphere Solstice: 21 June

a turning point, a point of change, where the tides of the year turn
the time of the longest night
the mistletoe berries are white, representing the semen of the Horned God
the holly berries are blood red, symbolising both the menstrual blood of the Goddess
a time for visions; Rhiannon, the Celtic Mare Goddess, rides through the dreams of her people by night, transporting them to the place between the worlds where they can create their own visions, giving them a gift of what they need most, helping them to make real their dreams


Huîtres frais avec le citron
Oysters natural – with lemons from our garden

Pain de seigle avec le beurre
Rye bread & authentic Western Star

Rôtir boeuf avec les légumes d'hiver et les pommes de terre de bébé
Roast rib-eye of beef with winter vegetables & baby potatoes

La truite d'arc-en-ciel avec les herbes fraîches pour Cindy
Rainbow trout with fresh herbs for Cindy

Fromage et fruit
Cheese and fruit

Le café OU le thé de Fleur de Lotus
Coffee OR Lotus Blossom tea from The Tea Party


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