Monday, April 10, 2006

Where do people find their passions?

Commitment, drive, sense of purpose ... these are things that fascinate me. Why are some people so sure of what they want in life, what their talents are and what they are prepared to do to achieve them and why are some so lost? Perhaps because we often read about high achievers AFTER much of their life's work has been done it just looks like they knew their path. Maybe they just lurched from one idea, opportunity or crisis to the next like the rest of us? Somehow I doubt it.

Julia Child's memoirs - cobbled together interviews and letters tied together by a male relative - is called 'My life in France'. Apparently it tells the story of her turning up in France, not knowing a crouton from a Chevy, and truly applying herself to learning everything about their cuisine traditions, ingredients and eccentricities. Her cooking school, her books, her cooking TV show - they are all the stuff of legend now. Yet, apparently, she was not even a cook when she arrived in gay Paree. How did she know that she would be so suited to this world? Where did she find the inspiration to dive in boots and all, study the techniques, then grab a couple of partners and start up her own school?

Insight, ambition, clever ideas - these things intrigue me. I have a million ideas but they swim around in my head like too many socks in the washing machine. They fly above me like tiny dots of dust in the sunlight and when I go to grab at them they swiftly move out of my reach. Now is the time to take some responsibility, make some definite decisions and concentrate on a few things only. I can always go back to the other stuff. Now is the time to recognise some strengths and be honest about weaknesses.

Writing takes on more and more significance in my life. It is becoming less the much ignored tool that I bring home the bacon with and more a skill and a thrill that I can enjoy life through and use to build some pleasant income streams.

2006 should perhaps be the year of concentrating on three key areas. Yes, by George, that sounds like a plan. I will go off and put some goals in the diary right now.

Any tips or stories of inspiration in regards to 'making things happen' are always welcome!


Blogger Chief Justice said...


It's NOT just you. This is the first time I have EVER responded to a post but a tone rang in your writings and you just seemed to me a familiar friend.

I am constantly driven to study the natures of those people who have been catapulted to the thrones of human praise seemingly over night. My chief interest of late is the reigning queen of American domesticity, Martha Stewart. While I don't agree with her personal values, I am terribly intrigued by her ability to make Americans believe they need her services as much (if not more) than they need vital necessities. I am convinced that people do not purchase her products as much as they buy her products believing they can also own her passions.

But she didn't launch in a day. This is the realization that I am trying to accept.

One of my great desires is to someday overthrow her empire and establish my own. I have tried from many angles to instantly mature my influence but have hesitantly resigned myself to the fact that it has taken Martha many years until all the key elements were in place. Like her, and others, I can face each day and at the end of many years, there might be a possibility of "instant" fame for my achievements.

But passion won't be lost in the running. I hope it isn't lost in you. Daily life may try to squelch the fire but the human race needs people who can keep it burning even though it might not be seen until much later.

10:57 am  
Blogger the contessa said...

Hello Chief Justice,
How great to hear from you.
I know what you mean about Martha. One definitely purchases her magazine to own a little of that impossibly ordered, pristine world she puts forward. I mean, who is really going to do a full spring clean that involves taking down all the OUTDOOR blinds and cleaning them too? I'm lucky if I move the rugs.
Overnight successes often tend to share some qualities and these involve the fact that such overnighters have been slogging away and making sacrifices for absolute years. Look at Bob Dylan. While other youngsters were out partying at night this guy was sitting in a corner spending the whole night working out yet another song. I mean he really worked at it.
I suppose with all of our American and Australian Idol kind of gumpf these days it's easy to think that hard work can be overturned when, of course, it cannot.
I suppose the question is finding that prize that you are going to keep your eye on over the years and staying committed. Sounds like you already have your goal. Now you only have to do all the hard work and the long hard slog and the sleepless nights hee hee good luck. You can do it!

3:31 pm  

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