Friday, April 07, 2006

Remembering Mr Sean when you watch CAPOTE

I saw 'Capote' yesterday. Yes, I am behind the times in my viewing schedule. Luckily the cinema was full of retirees so there was no one around that I knew who could unveil this awful truth.

Is it just me or do other people like to watch all the crap, easy to digest movies that come out before they hit the meatier stuff? Man I am superficial!

Anyway - THE IMPORTANT THING IS - when watching 'Capote' you will be exposed to a character called Mr Sean. He is from the New Yorker magazine. Mr Sean was, in himself, a fascinating character and you have some time to read, is well worth researching.

The book I read about him was called 'Remembering Mr. Shawn's New Yorker : The Invisible Art of Editing' by Ved Mehta. If you are at all interested in writing, editing, publishing or a time in the western world when ideas seem to matter, people had wit and you could still drink a bloody martini at lunch time then you will like this book.


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