Monday, September 11, 2006

Between friends

Pity the creature who has no friends.

I wanted to think about friends and friendship today and I am - CONFESSION CONFESSION - a sad and over zealous user of famous quotes so I am not even going to start looking up ones to do with friendship because I know there will be so many and they will be so good. Although it's killing me, right now, not to do it.

A card arrived in the mail last week, out of the blue and just for me, from a friend. She told me I was a goddess, HER goddess. I shed a little tear in my tiny white Toyota as I read those words. Poor lamb, she must be in a bad way if I'm her goddess. Although I did start thinking about the shrine she might want to start building for me. The Argonaut used to say he'd build a shrine to me. Been a long time coming is all I can say!

Ooops, a real goddess probably doesn't think petty thoughts like that.

So, anyway, the card arrived and it was just full of love. It was sent because of love and it carried within it a simple message of love. Though miles away this friend was thinking of me. I was being remembered. It felt like someone had quietly put their hand on my shoulder and breathed in my ear, 'Hey, you're okay'. It altered my whole day. I want to pass that feeling on this week. I want to share that simple pleasure.

I have been particularly blessed in the friendship stakes. Friends burst forth in my life like the lemons on my over active lemon tree. I try not to let the friends spoil though. I can't say the same for the lemons.

Today's painting is a nod to a particularly special friend of mine who honoured our relationship this weekend by sharing some very important news with me. She's a friend of the highest order, one who never ever judges, who treads so lightly on the world that she should pay less taxes because she's such a positive influence on the people in her emotional neighbourhood. This is a gal who gives friendship freely and without strings. Her generosity is real, it's of the deepest kind. She actually gives of herself and her emotions. She'll listen to your crap and never say 'I told you so'. She puts her own needs aside and pops yours on the front seat next to her and makes sure they're buckled up tight and are getting enough to eat.

Now she really needs the friendship - she really needs and deserves the kindness, attentiveness and acceptance she gives so freely to others. After all, in a few months times she's going to be bringing a whole new friend into the world.

Good girl!


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