Thursday, September 07, 2006

Powers of persuasion

Golly gosh but language is an interesting beastie. Today I was party to a conference call with an advertising and publishing 'expert' in the USA. This gals' been in the business for 20 years and boy does it show. She could talk a snail into a garlic sauce. She knows how to 'handle' people.

Every time she launched into 'feedback' on one of my ideas or views she did so with incredibly positive language ... "That's a great idea Contessa", "I really see where you're going Contessa" ... she used my name a lot. THEN she would kick in her completely opposite point of view or her 180 degrees spin on the subject. Tres amusing.

Nevertheless, I was energised by her drive, her expansive thinking and her occasional zap of straight talking. I think I can have fun with her.

Working in publishing with people who are commercially minded but are also open to trying new methods has always interested me. Today I realised I almost - a little - missed it. I want to put all the ideas that we discussed on a big table like a jigsaw and solve the puzzle. Perhaps I even want to impress her. God I have popularity and Best Girl issues!

I'm boring myself with my blogplodding today but that's because my head is spinning and my To Do list has been turned upside down. The smart thing would be - to get back to work.


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