Friday, September 08, 2006

If I was Jean

How gorgeous am I? I just couldn't help posting my own photo today. Okay it's Jean Shrimpton but if I did look like this what would life be like? Well I suppose, in reality, it would be exactly as Jean's life has been, after all, I'd be her. But, for a moment, it's going to be my face and Jean never had dibs on it.

I'm definitely able to look people straight in the eye, particularly men. I'm able to say, 'Look at me. Listen to me. You know you want to.'

I'm quite bright and intuitive. You can see it in my eyes. But I am young too, though my confident air might deceive you a bit. You can't forget how young I am. You have to remember that when I shock you with my misjudgements and my heartless moves. And you have to remember it when you hurt me. You may only find out about it from someone else. I may seem fine to you but, as time goes by, you'll get the mail. I was a mess. I was distraught. You really damaged me. The after shocks pulsated for months. You'll never hear it from me though. Look me in the eye. You'll never hear it from me.


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