Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dream a little dream with me

Ever heard of Lori McKenna?http://www.lorimckenna.com/ I just saw her on Oprah with US country/cross over singer, Faith Hill. Ok, don't roll your eyes just yet. She's some stay at home mother of five who got married at 19 but kept on writing songs, just to remind herself of her dreams. I don't know how old the Oprah show was that she was just on here in Oz but, there she was, bigger than life, up on stage with Oprah and Faith (who sells squillions of albums year after year), crying over dreams coming true. Faith used three of Lori's songs on her Fireflies album - making one of them the cover track.

It was quite moving to hear this story, see this young woman rise above challenging beginnings, pursue a dream and have to work hard and suffer along the way but, eventually, to get it.

Oprah's a big believer in dreams. I'd say she's one of those folk who contends that if you can see something - really see it - and are willing to hang on to that vision, prepare, work and believe, believe, believe, that you can make that dream a reality.

Life can get in the way of dreams. We should probably stop calling them dreams. Dreams are something that take place when you're asleep. These things are visions and goals - they're the palace on the horizon. We've all heard of creative visualisation - seeing yourself achieving something (from being a non smoker to accepting an Academy Award) and using that image to help you achieve the reality. This is a very active pursuit, you have to be very vigilant, brave and focused to keep that vision close to you in life. Every day concerns will get in the way. Obstacles will muscle in, to the point where the vision doesn't even seem relevant to you anymore. That's the challenge: actually seeing the vision in full colour, surround sound clarity and then keeping it within easy reach, not letting the rain and sleet and tearing winds reduce it and reduce it and reduce it until there is nothing but a darkened patch left where it used to be, some rubble left where the palace used to stand.


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